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Hisar has been the leader in “The Art of Dining” concept since 1968. Today, it provides elegant and stylish tables through its unmatched interpretation of design. Hisar enhances your tables by displaying flatware, cookware, porcelain, and accessories which can be used for a lifetime. It combines first grade worldwide stainless steel with flawless technology, and unmatched workmanship. The finally result is a breathtaking product.

Customized by engraving or stamping.

Innovative and design – oriented.

Hisar also holds the first ISO 9001 quality certificate handed out in this sector in Turkey.

Hisar is the First to take part in TURQUALITY EXPORT INCENTIVE PROGRAM OF TURKISH MINISTERYOF ECONOMY in tableware and kitchenware industry.

Eco-friendly and helping to save energy.

Hisar processes the prominent AISI 304 Quality, 18/10 chromium nickel alloy stainless steel.

We prevent knife from the porcelain plates by applying a special process of hardening heat treatment. So the blade part of the knives reaches the same hardening level as the porcelain.

The prongs of a good quality fork are tapered and blunt at the tips. We are producing all type of forks at these standarts.

Hisar Product Range

Everybody deserves a good and high quality design…

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